Bicycles are stolen in huge numbers in many parts of the world. In the city of Copenhagen 20,000 bikes annually. In the USA an average of 250,000 bikes are annually reported stolen according to the FBI. In UK, the Home Office reports an average 480,000 bikes. Globally the number is estimated at 1.5 million bikes reported stolen annually; perhaps another 3.0 million go unreported annually.

BikeRegistry offers an easy way to register ALL the important information regarding your bike(s) (including photo).
If lost or stolen, your bike will have the highest probability for recovery if registered with Bike Registry. Guaranteed! (see FAQ)

There is no charge to register/manage your entire fleet of bikes. High-quality Decal Kits are available at nominal cost to TAG your registered bike. Packaged by Goodwill Industries, a non-profit charity providing employment opportunities to the mentally & physically challenged.

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