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Title: Custom Built Bike Registery Member: Arian Date: March 5,2011 Time: 9:48pm
I have custom built mtb, and what do i put the information in manufacter and model name?
Admin: Yes, regarding custom bikes, due to time and money they are doubly worth registering. Due to the numerous custom bike builders, adding all of them permanently to all the drop-down menus is not feasible. Therefore we have been requesting Members to use "Other" as manufacturer then place builder's name & model in the line entitled "Model" to register.
March 5,2011 10:05am

Title: Language issue Member: Jose Date: January 3,2011 Time: 11:37am
How should I post my bike, in English, or in my native language? I mean, in case they stolen my bike, do you guys here traslate everything when you send the report to the police here in my country? or do I have to post it asuming it's my job to do that?
Admin: We suggest that you use your native language for your bike description, it will be more accurate than the Google based approximation. BikeRegistry does not send theft reports directly to local law enforcement, you should file locally. Hope your bike is recovered!
January 3,2011 11:45am

Title: OTHER manufacturer, specify? Member: Richard Date: November 24,2010 Time: 5:02pm
Is there anywhere to specify the manufacturer if OTHER? I just placed it in the model name along with the model, but an extra field if OTHER was selected would be nice. Barring that, could you maybe add Miele to the list of manufacturers? They were pretty big in the road-bike game in some regions in the 80s and the frames are relatively popular on the vintage market, and they still produce MTB/hybrids in Canada.
Admin: We go thru the database on a monthly basis and review new bike registrations with manufacturer = OTHER. Then we update our drop-down menus accordingly. Miele certainly rates, will append them to our drop-downs within a few hours. Thanks for the suggestion!
November 24,2010 5:47pm

Title: Posting Member: Jeff Date: October 28,2010 Time: 4:53pm
Trying to post without a picture. Won't let me submit it, keeps asking for a picture, but upload file area won't highlight for me to do so.
Admin: BikeRegistry is compatible w/ Firefox, Mozilla & all flavors of Internet Explorer. Have not tested on Ipad running Safari browser. Workaround is to email or call in such that we can manually create your New Bike entry from the server side.
October 28,2010 5:19pm

Title: Bertoni ? Member: Patrick Date: October 19,2010 Time: 3:32pm
Can you folks add Bertoni to the bike company list. These were an Italian imported brand to America during the 80's. Thanks Pat
Admin: Will be apending "Bertoni" to all the drop-down menus in the morning!
October 19,2010 3:58pm

Title: Serial Number Ambiguities Member: Gary Date: September 11,2010 Time: 3:10pm
Really hard to tell whether those are Zeroes or letter Os in stamped serial numbers. I've got two such characters in my number. Can I enter my bike 4 times, with each possible combination? Otherwise, there's only a 25% chance someone will read the S/N the same way I did. Suggestions?
Admin: Good question, several thoughts on this. The number zero (0) is the character used in almost all serial numbers. By convention it is preferred to prevent the very problem of confusing numbers w/ letters. The letter O character is rarely used in serial numbers. The BikeRegistry database is built to handle partial serial numbers in its lookup functionality. A single bike can also be located by using a myriad of search criteria outside of the serial number (ie frame material, frame size, wheel size, manufacturer, etc)
September 11,2010 10:14am

Title: Phat Cycles Member: Brad Date: April 25,2010 Time: 9:57pm
Hi. I dig this site! What a great resource. I just got a Phat Cycles Phixie and was wondering if you could add Phat Cycles to the list. Thanks! (ps - I used white electrical tape to TAG my black rim strip.)
Admin: Done! Added Phat Cycles to all the BikeRegistry dropdown menus.
April 25,2010 10:03am

Title: Performance Bikes Member: Frank Date: February 4,2010 Time: 10:14pm
How about adding Performance bikes to the manufacturer list? Love this site. Will be pre-registering all the bikes we sell thru my LBS, Uncle Crusty's Bike Shop Thanks!
Admin: Thanks for the heads up! Added Performance to all our drop-down menus. Honestly don't know how we missed those guys.
February 4,2010 8:22am

Title: Recieved Bike Chain and Stickers Member: Chris Date: January 4,2010 Time: 1:52pm
Received my bike chain and stickers in a ridiculously short time. Very sturdy, and higher quality then I imagined. Thanks for the fair pricing and shipping BikeRegistry!

Title: Photo size in Bikeregistry Member: Kevin Date: January 3,2010 Time: 5:20pm
Is anyone else having an difficult time loading a photo small enough of a registered bike for this website? Is there a practical solution?
Admin: Sorry Kev, we are holding the file size down to a 100KB worth of JPEG at this time. Got quite a few bikes piling up on the server and there are some ISP restrictions on monthly volume. Besides the pics are for reference only; the real power of the system is tied back to an accurate description ( bike's DNA). Option: The description will accept HTML. You can tie your description back to images hosted on a site like PhotoBucket.. or TinyPic..
January 3,2010 5:54pm

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