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Title: Recieved Bike Chain and Stickers Member: Chris Date: January 4,2010 Time: 1:52pm
Received my bike chain and stickers in a ridiculously short time. Very sturdy, and higher quality then I imagined. Thanks for the fair pricing and shipping BikeRegistry!

Title: Photo size in Bikeregistry Member: Kevin Date: January 3,2010 Time: 5:20pm
Is anyone else having an difficult time loading a photo small enough of a registered bike for this website? Is there a practical solution?
Admin: Sorry Kev, we are holding the file size down to a 100KB worth of JPEG at this time. Got quite a few bikes piling up on the server and there are some ISP restrictions on monthly volume. Besides the pics are for reference only; the real power of the system is tied back to an accurate description ( bike's DNA). Option: The description will accept HTML. You can tie your description back to images hosted on a site like PhotoBucket.. or TinyPic..
January 3,2010 5:54pm

Title: Monoblock and chain Member: Chris Date: December 27,2009 Time: 4:35pm
How heavy are these together? I think that would be a big factor in alot of purchasing.
Admin: Weight is 5.5#. Consisting of case-hardened Austrian steel, German engineered monobloc & Cordura sewn up in Houston.
December 27,2009 9:11am

Title: Sears Bike Dropdown Member: Chris Date: December 27,2009 Time: 3:52pm
I have a vintage Sears bike. Can you add the manufacturer to the dropdown? Thanks a bunch!
Admin: Have added Sears & Roebuck to all the dropdown menus. LOTS of good memories w/ that company.
December 27,2009 11:11pm

Title: Server & MYSQL Upgrade FINISHED! Member: Admin Date: November 17,2009 Time: 6:35pm
Over the past 2 days we upgraded the BikeRegistry server and database. All should be in order and working better than ever. But if any issues, simply drop us an email with some details and we will get you fixed up.

Title: Veterans Day Special Member: Admin Date: November 11,2009 Time: 9:00am
On this Veterans Day we would like to honor all the men and women serving in the military, who also share our passion for cycling. What better way than make available a special limited edition BikeRegistry Decal Kit, featuring our Commander in Chief Barack Obama? For all active service members, we will ship to any APO/FPO address at absolutely no charge. Now thru Saturday Nov 14th, limited to the first 100 responders. Simply register as normal and email your APO/FPO coordinates to

Title: reflective tape question Member: Willis Date: October 24,2009 Time: 12:02am
I've got a dark blue paint job. How bright is the 3M blue reflective tape? I know 3M also makes another type of reflective tape called "high intensity" that appears darker in the photos I've seen. Any help on which is really the darker blue in daylight conditions? Riding a 2007 Schwinn Mesa if that helps.
Admin: Our only blue is 3M's PN 680-76; a lite to med blue. I compared an actual strip to the "click to enlarge" pic in our E-Store, the actual is maybe slightly darker than the blue sample shown in our E-store pic. About the same as the '07 Mesa.
October 24,2009 9:45am

Title: Saddle Leash Help Member: Mateo Date: October 21,2009 Time: 8:19pm
I was wondering how to actually install the Saddle Leash onto my bike. I didn't receive any instructions. Thanks!
Admin: Yes, not a problem. Just posted the Instructions for the Saddle Leash on its product page in the E-Store.
October 21,2009 5:55pm

Title: New BikeReg Warehouse! Member: Admin Date: September 25,2009 Time: 09:00am
Opened up a new warehouse in Clear Lake City this weekend to provide additional capacity for shipping & receiving! Located at 1322 Space Park Drive (close to NASA's Johnson Space Center).

Title: NYC Bike Thief Smackdown Member: David Date: September 10,2009 Time: 10:16pm
Believe somebody was lookin for this earlier, VideoLink. Bannned by uTube for brutality, I think it is actually quite humorous....

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