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Title: more in your store Member: Johanna Date: April 15,2009 Time: 1:03pm
hey i was thinking how awesome it would be if you had the decal picture, but in a patch format that could be sewn to bike bags etc. maybe even with reflective stuff woven in?
Admin: Many thanks for the idea, would be easy; we have the logo in EPS vector format. We recently added "case-hardened" security chain (square link) to the E-Store (this stuff is IMPOSSIBLY hard to cut with a hacksaw, bolt cutter, electric grinder, etc). And thank you for the Decal Kit order, it shipped this afternoon. Please make sure to type in the private URL address shown in the instructions, there you will find a few tips and tricks not made available on the public site. - Jerome K.
April 15,2009 3:12pm

Title: Could you add Member: Nick Date: April 10,2009 Time: 6:15am
Hello, I have a folding bike manufactured by the German company "Bernds". Could you please add it to the drop-down menus?
Admin: Added this morning. Thanks for the suggestion! Thought we had them all....
April 10,2009 9:13AM

Title: Very cool site Member: Tom Date: April 1,2009 Time: 1:12am
Thanks for making a contribution to the bicycle community! I've spread the word to 100+ followers on Twitter.
Admin: Many thanks for the complement and Tweets! This entire site was recently overhauled, went live on the 27th of March. Things have been ramping up in exponential fashion. Yesterday BikeRegistry had 1,781 unique visitors and added 340 new members. The new site includes dropdown menus for 201 countries, 4204 states & 523 bike manufacturers (and growing). As always, if any comments, ether positive or negative, please let us know.
April 1,2009 10:23am

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